Industrial Electronics Repair Service
Electrical Tester Repair
  • Insulation Tester Repair

    Our technicians have a combined 65 years experience repairing insulation testers of every make and model. Most popular brands our technicians service are Biddle Instruments now Megger Limited, Hipotronics, Associated Research, Slaughter, and Extech to name a few.

    If you have a hipot tester in need of repair and it is not on our list this does in no way reflect that we cannot repair any brand. The difference is that our technicians never substitute parts and always replace parts with exact original OEM parts to ensure reliability and accuracy.

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  • Transformer Tester Repair

    Transformer testing or also known as TTR test repair is an integral part of electrical production, electrical transmission, and electrical distribution.

    Our electrical testing and repair facility test delta single phase, delta three phase, WYE all phases and everything in between. Our facility has over 40 transformers to test transformer test meters during repair and during final testing phases including calibration.

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  • SebaKMT Meter Repair

    Seba KMT (part of Megger) is an industry leader in industrial electrical measurement. Products span from AC test systems, DC test systems, portable electrical testers, and high voltage testing architectures. Allen Industries repairs SebaKMT products large and small and have the components and ability to test very low voltage, low ohms, and impedance to very high voltage testers to manufacturer specifications.

  • Electrical Test System Repair

    Allen Industries repair electrical testing systems for engineers, electrician, and power generation companies. Hand held testers, portable testers, larger vehicle mounted testers are all repaired in our own repair and calibration facilities and never outsourced. All parts are original equipment manufactured allowing a very high quality and long lasting repair results.

AVO Megger Instruments

Our Megger international expert technicians and engineers repair Biddle Instruments and now Megger DLRO meters and OTS meters not only repair but an understanding of how the DLRO meters are designed. We own schematics for every DLRO meter as well. Our engineers also offer repair and calibration for Megger PFL’s, Megger TTR’s, Megger Hi-Pot Testers, Megger Oil Test Sets. In short Allen Industries offers Megger repair service for all Megger Products.

Baur Instruments Repair

Allen Industries provides the repair of Baur test, measurement and diagnostic equipment for a wide range of electrical applications. Baur test systems for laboratory, factory and field use are available for repair and calibration at our repair facility and never sent out for third party repair.

SebaKMT Repair Services

SebaKMT became one of the world’s market leaders in the development, manufacture and sale of electrical measuring equipment containing cable test vans, reflectometers, electrical test equipment for the world’s energy sector including power plant’s electrical grids, and cable testing. Allen Industries fortunately has a combined experience of 35 years of repairing SebKMT test equipment and NIST for ISO-9000 calibration services too.

Haefely Hipotronics Repair Services

Haefely Hipotronics power fault locators, cable fault locators, low ohm resistance meters, high voltage reflectometers, and Haefely kilovolt insulation testers are a premier repair product with our engineers and technicians. Our engineers and technicians repair Haefely meters from hand held megohmmeters to larger Hipotronics kilovolt DC dielectric meters as well as oil test sets. We know Haefely Hipotronics repair and calibration from the early days to the present!

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