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Allen Industries provides Megger DLRO. repair services for all Biddle, AVO, and Megger meters. Megger DLRO meters range from the smaller DLRO-10 up to the DLRO-600 and our technicians and engineers repair and calibrate all of the Megger DLRO’s to manufacturers specifications. In fact our calibrator range beyond the Biddle and Megger DLRO ranges and are ten times more accurate giving your Megger the best repair and highest quality calibration possible! Most Biddle Instruments and Megger parts are in stock insuring¬†our Megger repair process a faster repair process than the manufacturer. In fact our technicians have reverse engineered the older Biddle DLRO’s and for the newer Megger DLRO’s have all schematics for these meters to provide services for meters that the manufacturer no longer provide support for. To start the process please fill out our QUICK QUOTE form and one of our customer service personnel will reply promptly!

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